I have received the report on the claim of the jeep and am very confused. Please specify the break down of how you got the replacement amount of the worth on the jeep. From what I understand, the jeep has been totaled by someone else that ran into it while parked at my residence. I have put over 5000 dollars into this vehicle getting it to where it is running good and would be safe for my niece that lives with us. It gets totaled by a drunk driver driving carelessly at an excessive speed on a residential street and I lose over 2500 dollars because of his carelessness. I looked up the value of the vehicle and found that it was worth 5900 dollars. This would just cover what I have in the vehicle, not to include the amount of time of not having a vehicle, the time it will take to get a new vehicle, and the gas of driving around to find a vehicle. Why would I be penalized by someone else's mistake. I have done nothing wrong in this matter and would greatly appreciate a rightful response in a timely manner. With regard,
David Simpson

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I would hire an Attorney.

Hi David-

I've been going through a similar problem with USAA regarding the diminshed value claim on my wife's jeep.  Another USAA drive hit her head on (he was 100% at fault) and did nearly $10k worth of damages.  USAA is offering $650.00 in diminished value.  I hired an independent estimating company that specializes in diminished value (which cost $250.00) that supplied USAA with a detailed 13 page report stating the diminished value was closer to $7k.  USAA came back with $650.00 again.  At this point I am filing a omplaint with my state's insurance commission and hiring a lawyer.  Sad, I've been a USAA member for almost 20 years.  Hope they treat you better.

I don't know what state you live in, which I feel does matter when it comes to the Circuit Court system, but if I were in your shoes, I'd be trying to find an attorney. Not just any TV commercial lawyer... One who deals with this whole "negotiations" thing, which seems to be happening, in your particular case. Best of luck!!!