No help from USAA. They dont represent what they stand for. Cancelling everything with USAA

 My family and I have been with USAA for over 7 years.    This year our family welcomed twins in March, Our AC went out in April  and was blowing black stuff out of the vents ( Refrigerant- soot)  from a leak in the AC unit. AFter calling making a claim to get it fixed and to seek comsensation from persaonal belongings from black soot being on bottles, caarpet, walls, blinds cieling, clothes my son was rushed to the Emergency Room 5 times from turning red and gray dueing to inhaling  the carbon in the air ( difficultly breathing.   USAA  denied us any compensation due too improper fixing of the system,  and just a bad system. USAA had the nerve to go over death compensation  with me and offering my husband a loan. we are  a active duty Air Force family who now has to pay 10,a000 dollars out of pocket to fix the damage to the house ... to add to this fire my husband has orders and we have a soot filled house on the market we have recieved no call backs during this process we have always had to seek answers by calling USAA.

 Whats crazy is home owners policies with USAA dont cover polluntants  of anykind. But If "someone" breaks in  we own compensated.

If a plumber fails to fix a leak and there is water damage that is fixed,

If a  strong gust of wind comes and blows down panels of a wond fence thats been standing for 5 years they will replace the fence,

 But if my twins cant breath in there own home, black soot damage all over home. we cant run our AC.  USAA blames the manufacturer, the manufactor blames the sevicing company  and the Servicing company blames the Manufacturer.