Is there a way to "Nickname" an account through the USAA app?




Yes! You CAN assign a "nickname" to individual "accounts" via Mobile USAA App (indirectly).


Here is how:


  1. In Mobile USAA App click on Menu (in upper right corner).
  2. Click on "Launch" Menu Option (this will open webpage in your browser).
  1. On website USAA.COM (in browser) on the MAIN MENU - My Accounts Tab click on the "account" you want to apply a "nickname".
  2. On resulting webpage, look at TOP just under TABS. You will find your "account name" and JUST NEXT TO IT will be a LINK titled "Nickname"
  3. On the webpage titled "Nickname This Account" you can assign a New Nickname.

Bottom Line:


The Mobile USAA App currently can't assign "nicknames" to "accounts" but the USAA.COM website can.


Hope this helps.


Where do you do it on the USAA Site



1. On USAA Main Website, in the My Accounts Tab, click on Account you want to nickname.


2. On resulting webpage click on Nickname (or Change Nickname) link located next to Account Name (see figure).


(Image Created by WEBSITE GURU)


3. Complete FORM by entering New Nickname and clicking on Submit Button.


I hope this answers your question.

Website Guru> With all due respect, your explanation of this procedure is not correct.  Currently one must perform these steps to add or change an acct nickname.


1- Click on the My Accounts Tab
2- On the Accounts Summary page, click on the specific account you want to work with.
3- On the next page, click on the Summary tab.
4- At the bottom of the next page, Scroll down to where it says Account Name/Nickname. Click on the blue link that says Change Nickname. Follow the instructions from there.


I've just followed instructions to change a nickname. (I'd done it before.) But the nickname doesn't change on the user interface from the old nickname to the new nickname. (It shows the new nickname in the small print in the "change nickname" area, but when I got back to accounts on full site or mobile site, the old nickname remains.) Is there a DELAY to the new nickname populating the correct fields on the user display?

Is there a way to give an investment account a different nickname? I assigned one but made an error and cannot figure out how to change it.

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. There should not be a delay in updating the nickname. Please sign-off and log back on for the changes to be effective. If you are still experiencing issues please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3002. Please say "tech support" at the prompt. Thank you!