I recently established a USAA checking account and initially funded it from my local bank. When I received my pay check from my employer on Thursday, Sep. 26, 2013,  I deposited it using the home scanning feature on an older Windows XP computer connected to an HP 3050 all-in-one printer, and everything worked as advertised.


A little over 1/2 of my deposit was immediately available to me, however, I had to wait until Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013, in order to have access to the remainder of my deposit. I wasn't too concerned about this because my spouse and I still had enough funds in a local bank to finance our needs until the remainder of my deposit was credited to my USAA checking account. Being new to this form of financial interaction, and taking into consideration the fact that this was my first deposit by check scan to USAA banking, I'm hopeful that future deposit transactions won't take as long to post the total amount of the deposit to my account, because there are times when having access to the total amount of a deposit, is the difference between eating decently or slimly at certain times of the month.


One thing I've noted about most banks with special features like the check scanning one with USAA, is that they support Windows and Apple based systems, but they don't support Linux based computer systems. My primary computer is a Linux based system using the Ubuntu operating system, and it would be nice to see more banking institutions offering support for Linux-based systems. This is the reason I only buy HP printers, because they still support Linux based systems.



If you are insurance eligible and credit qualified, you can use Deposit @Home and they will give you a daily limit (usually $5,000) that you can deposit per day with immediate funds availability. I know of no other bank that can offer that.