How long does it take for them to finish updating your homepage? Is that what you have to wait for before you are able to apply for a checking account?


Hello @Jimmy3586 and thank you for reaching out to us. If you are attempting to login via, please clear history/cookies/cache, do not use a saved link such as a bookmark/favorite/shortcut to bring up our page. From a new browser window enter into the address bar to see if this resolves your issue.


I'm happy you are taking your first steps to enjoy our banking services. Here are the steps to apply for an account:


From My USAA on

  1. Select the Products tab.
  2. From the Banking section, select Checking Account, Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit.
  3. Select Get Started.
  4. Follow the prompts to open an account.

From My USAA on USAA Mobile app:

  1. Tap on Menu in the upper right corner (three dots on Android).
  2. Tap on Products.
  3. Select Banking from the Products and Services section.
  4. Select Checking, Savings or Youth Banking.
  5. Tap on Get Started, for the type of account to open.

 If the problem is not resolved, please contact 210-531-8722 to speak with our Website Support Team.