My name is Valerie and I am new to USAA. I've been out of the service for many years now but my kids encouraged me to make the switch as they've all been with USAA for a long time. So here I am. I am struggling with the entire online account idea. I am from the old school and used to walking into a bank and taking care of business. I find it difficult to make deposits and source cash when needed. My kids are young and are all about the whole online experience thing but I miss the face to face contact with a hand shake and smile. 
I suppose I'll conform eventually. Either way I am thankful that USAA offers these services. 


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I've been with the for 44 years. I rememeber using the phone to do all my banking - with the keypad.  I amsure your adjust to their very fine online products, event he APP is great.


Thanks for taking the time to post @DrEric1 and thank you for your long time membership! Have a great day!

It's definitely an adjustment, but a good one.  How awesome is it that you can be handed a check, scan it into your phone and spend it right then?


My local CVS has an actual USAA ATM which is convenient too.  I don't ever deposit cash, but I assume if I needed to I could there.


Most banks have caught up and some even exceed USAA, but on the overall, USAA is still a decent bank.  I love that my paychecks get deposited a day earlier than most, transferring money is fairly easy, and Bill Pay works pretty good, although most retailers allow you to setup automatic payments on their site these days which in my opinion is much better, so I only use Bill Pay for a few accounts these days.


As the negative folks on here keep pointing out, USAA customer service has dimished a bit as of late, but so has everyone's in my opinion, good help is hard to find these days.


Good Luck!

@BradH, thank you for sharing your experience. We are truly grateful for your USAA membership! - Robyn

Shop around.  You can do way better than USAA.

Hi Valerie:


I am a 38 year member. About a year and a half ago my wife and I decided to divest from USAA for a variety of reasons. USAA used to be the stellar insurance and financial services company, but in the last few years they have lost their way. For example, their telephone navigation system typically requires very long hold times, calls often getting lost, and it's not uncommon, once you do reach a rep, to find they are reading from a script and do not vary. A year ago I attempted a simple transfer which I had done many times before and they simply lost $1,200. I took 5+ hours on the phone to convince them to find it over a week or so, and along the way they said it was my fault and at times overtly lied. A few months ago my wife's Visa card was the object of fraud, and USAA cancelled at our request that card and one we held jointly, which of course took hours and hours on the phone to restore. We moved most of our regular savings to Ally Bank, where we literally receive 50 times the interest rate- 0.5% versus 0.01%. We moved our main checking account to a local bank (after so many years of pure Internet and telephone banking) and it's wonderful to have the phone answered after a ring or two by a real person who is actually helpful. The difference between a good company and a questionable one is not how it functions when there are no problems, but what happens if there are. USAA totally fails that test, and it's truly sad to have observed their decline and loss of integrity over the past few years. You might reconsider your decision to switch to USAA.

Welcome Valerie @QuiltArtistry !


We are so glad you are here! It is an adjustment shifting to an online mentality- but I hope you find this space helpful in addressing some of the things you would like assistance with or to know more about. 


Here is a little bit more about the USAA Community. We have Member Service Representatives here to help with product related questions and concerns in our Support Area and we have Discussion boards for lifestyle topics relating to military life- or any topics our membership is interested in talking about! We also have a wide range of blog topics to share more in depth helpful information.


You mentioned finding ATMs and deposits, so I wanted to share a video you might find helpful!


How to Deposit a Check:



Again, we are so glad you are here. Thank you for your service and for taking the time to post here in the Community!

Glad to have you aboard @QuiltArtistry, if you ever have any questions please do reach out and we will see how to best assist. We are unable to give specific account details due to security however we can give general information. May I ask what struggles you are experiencing with online accounts at this time? -Emily