The new tile interface is garbage.  I can't even easily see my accounts.  There is no way to scroll down on any of the tiles, so my account summary tile only shows my insurance.  Sure, I can rearange my accounts so that my banking shows first, but then it only has enough room for 3 of my 4 accounts and I won't be able to view my insurance.  And another thing, I need to be able to see how much is in each account at a glance.  Instead it shows the combined total in all my accounts.  This makes it extremely inconvenient to ensure that none of my accounts are being overwithdrawn.  Of course I will always have money in my savings, what I need to see is what is in my checkings!!!  And another thing, did they really have to dedicate such a large space to 2 buttons?  Pay bills and transfer funds; while they are important functions, they do not need to take up that much of my screen.  Fix this!