My parents have sworn by USAA for Insurance and I have never trusted anyone else with my auto or renters insurance. Whenever I dealt with USAA for my insurance needs its been a pleasurable experience. For as long as I can remember, I have been a member of a local credit union through association of my mothers work. I get an ok feeling from them but not one you would expect from an institution you trust with your money. Before my grandmother passed on, she told me all about USAA banking and how she had given up her credit union of 30+ years and moved all her banking over to USAA. If you knew my grandmother, you knew that was all it took for me to open a checking account with USAA. Up until recently, the only way I could make deposits with USAA was through electronic transfer online from my credit union or mailing in checks. I did not qualify for any other way to deposit checks because I have no open lines of credit with USAA. In trying to keep up with todays economy, I work two jobs. Unfortunatly for me neither of my employeers offer direct deposit. My second job is part time night manager for a UPS store in my area. Today when I came into work, I noticed a section of our counter was removed and a neat little machine had taken its place. The owner had informed me that UPS stores are now taken deposits for USAA accounts and all I need is my USAA debit card to deposit the checks. I can't tell you how excited I am!!! Not only am I now going to be able to use USAA for all my banking, but I can go to work to deposit my checks. It doesn't get anymore convenient than that!! No more driving to the credit union on Saturdays to make deposits. Thank you USAA for continuing to make me a proud member. I look foward to moving into the future with USAA right by my side.


If you have a scanner at home you can also utilize Deposit@Home to deposit checks and have the balance posted instantly to your account. I've been using it for quite some time. Follow this link: