We are moving to Nellis AFB in November and I wanted some information on the housing. We first looked at living off base but we are really hesitant because of the crime in Vegas. So on-base is where we are heading. Can anyone share their experiences of on-base living? Likes and dislikes would be great. We tried to get some pictures but it is like pulling teeth! Thanks in advance Jenna


When I lived on Nellis it was great! That was 6 years ago, but we lived on base for 3 years. They are like any military base and your yard has to be kept up... But its mostly weeds, because its all rocks... That really sucked. But the housing is nice, and when we were there the neighbors were great. The BX and commisarry are litterally in walking distance, and from the house we were in we could see them both.
We just PCS's from Las Vegas to Fort Hood, TX in Aug. I was born and raised in Las Vegas and regardless if you live on post or not, crime is in any major city, even on base. There are better areas to live throughout the city. Vegas is a very dry and hot city so water conservation is a big one. Most of the homes will be desert landscape unless you move to the more nicer neighborhoods. Regardless of where you are staying I definitely encourage you to get to know all areas, the freeways and the surface streets. I favor the east side of town where I was raised, but there are some really beautfiul areas and great shopping centers throughout the city. Good luck in Vegas..
I'm a military member and a local law enforcement officer. Stay away from homes on the east side of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. The homes on Manch Manor (Which are newer on base housing) are nice. But if you were to live off base. I recommend living further away form the base. Try Providence. It's a newer area and about 30minutes away from the base via freeway. Even if the neighborhood homes look new and nice don't be fooled because there are Section 8 in newer communities and you'll find shopping carts abandoned on the street.
The quality of on-base housing here depends on your rank and number of dependents...they built new housing on one side of base a few years ago that is very nice and spacious. If you are a SNCO or officer, it's great. If you are E1-E6, you can end up either in that newer housing area or on main base, which is older and considerably smaller. If you only have one dependent on top of being a JNCO , you can end up in a two bedroom, 950 SF house unless you get lucky and a larger one comes available first. It being Vegas, grassy areas are small and there are rocks everywhere like you'd expect in the desert. The housing office offers a lot of good family activities, though, and for us, the security of living on base during deployments made the small space a worthy inconvenience.
All I can write is living on a base was the BEST thing my family did! It was more fun than anywhere else and is the BEST financial move you will never regret. Smile-I love being an Army Brat!:-)
My husband and I are both born and raised in vegas and we got based back at nellis. Summerlin is where to live if you are living off base, its about 20 min away but by far the nicest part of town and worth the drive. I would hate to live by base or on base because its such a bad area, one of the worst in town.
Jenna, I've lived in Las Vegas for 2+ years and absolutely love it. Its all about the area you live in though. My family and I currently live on the SouthWest side of town (Southern Highlands). Its not over crowded and pretty peaceful. I believe the average age of the residents are 40+. The only disadvantage is my sons ability to play w/ friends is somewhat limited due to the average age of the residents (not a bad problem to have in my opinion though). This was a huge reason we got our home on that side of town. I recommend living off base because the immediate area around the base can be rough at best. As long as you use common sense...Las Vegas is a beautiful place. Check out the southern side of town though...area code 89141. You have quick access to the strip and everything else you would ever need in Las Vegas w/o having to deal with the crowds. Feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions/concerns. Jermaine Coleman, Capt, USAF jcoleman06@yahoo.com