I have a diamond wedding ring with 6 stones and baguettes on both sides one of the stones fell out, I called on 7/22/13 and submtted my claim, well it is 10/3/13 and still I have not gotten my ring fixed. USAA did not like the amount that the jeweler in my small town was charging, that was the bottom line, My adjuster CRYSTAL CASTANEDA, I have talked to once, I made several attempts to contact her and left several messages. I did get one vm to call her back, however, as I stated neve able to reach her.   USAA decided that the jeweler was charging too much and decided to only approve a little over $900 to replace the diamond. No one from USAA told me this so 1 month later 8/29 I called back only to be told my other option was to have USAA buy the diamond and send it to me. I was told 2-4 weeks I would have the diamond.