Alex'smom82, I read your story and I was scammed as well. Before I received a check I called the BBB in St. Louis, MO and this company had an A+ rating. I finally received my first assignment which was to go into Bestbuy and purchase 3 iPhone 6 but the check hadn't arrived. It finally got to me and it was over 2 grand to use towards the purchase of the phones. I saw the check and called usaa and told them to run the routing number and account number and I was told they couldn't do it over the phone and to go to the US store. I went to the US store and he looked at the check and said it looked legit to him but since I never deposited a check through them before I chose not to do it. I held the check 2 days and called BBB again and they told me the address and all the pertinent information I needed to go ahead and deposit the cashier check. My wife like, you're going to get fired because you are not following directions but I felt really apprehension


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Thank you for keeping the community alert of this situation.