I've been a member for over 20 years. My grandfather, a WWII Veteran (MIA, POW) told me about USAA when I was a teenager buying my first vehicle and needing insurance. My loyalty to USAA and their loyalty to me is like another family member. During our home break-in last year, USAA was there with me when I felt so violated. My grandfather has since passed, but I was so grateful that I had USAA at my side during that horribly invasive period of my life. I have also needed their assistance on a few occasions during the last 20 years with my auto insurance. It never fails that when I call on them (USAA), I never have to worry about the outcome. I am now sharing/starting the legacy with my own children. My first born son is now starting to drive and I have already told him about the benefits of USAA and having them by his side as a new driver and for any other services. He is considering opening his first savings/checking account with the USAA Banking Department; especially since he is considering following in his great-grandfather's footsteps and serve his Country. I named him after my Papaw and I guess I knew deep down inside that he would carry on the legacy of my grandfather; he is the first born boy in our family since my grandfather. I stand proud that he is willing to step up, in this unknown world that we live in today, and serve his Country just like my grandfather did so many years ago. I'm so proud of the service my grandfather gave our Country and am glad he made it back to form the family we have become today. My grandmother told him before he left for the war that she would only marry him IF he came back to her. I believe that is exactly what got him through being shot down, becomming a MIA and then a POW until he could get back to her and hold her to that promise. I'm grateful for his service and I know that my son will do him proud. He is looking down at the boy that was named after him and he is proud that my son is ready to stand up and serve his Country! I'm glad that my son has a legacy like USAA to look and and see the relationship that has been built between our family and them. I'm SO proud to be the next generation passing this legacy onto my son(s).