My Husband and I have struggled to pull ourselves out of our financial slump since the Market crashed one thing that helped was leave our previous Bank thank that was drowning us in fees and holding up deposits slowing us down costing us late fees a negativity on our credit report we need our income to pay our bills and stay in good standing with those we owe . USAA holding on to our funds is not ethical or professional . I deposited on the 17th and told our funds weren't going to be made available till the 27 th that is almost my husbands whole paycheck what about the CPS,Insurance ,water, mortgage ,contractors , gas , food , loans because you think lack of funds in our account is a red flag and warrants a hold for this long on our funds this is causing so much stress you have no right to put this added stress on our family .



How do you deposit these funds?  For a 10 day hold of a paycheck I am going to guess that you used deposit@mobile or deposit@home.   They do disclose those very long hold times in the checking account disclosure documents - you know the ones we don't really read until it is too late :)


If you need it quicker you can deposit it a different way.  If you're in San Antonio you can just go into the bank, if you're not you can use mail or courier service.  I signed up for a FedEx account using my USAA membership to get substantial discounts, I think it is about 12 bucks to get something to Texas tomorrow morining if I send it today. 


If you FedEx or mail it the first $5000 is available the second day after they recieve it.  (It may be available sooner as hold policies vary depending on other deposits you may have that could offset a bad check you deposit.)


Direct deposit is available the same day so I hope you can sign up for that at work, then you're not waiting at all.  


These sorts of policies are standard across all banks (at least that I know of) .  I checked two banks I know that have remote deposit TD bank ( page 35 and BOA ( page 20 and they're pretty similar. 


If course you can always call and inquire at USAA, that is probably your best bet. 

for this purpose alone I also have a credit union I don't live in San Antonio Texas or nowhere near & feel that I shouldn't have to pay to overnight money that I should be available toanytime I need funds available quickly after depositing a check I take it to my credit union and deposited cashthe funds are readily available to me immediately then I transfer what I don't need at the moment to my USAA account I don't have time to wait 2 weeks for check to be deposited to me when I get large checks all the time there's always a plan B
You can also deposit checks at most UPSs. You just have to call and make sure they do it.
On a side note... Has anyone here ever heard of a period? I do believe that they taught us how to use them in grade school. It's painful trying to read these posts.
On a side note... Has anyone here ever heard of a period? I do believe that they taught us how to use them back in grade school. Remember that?
We deposited this check with aTeller at drive through . We also found out the funds were pulled out of the account of the check writer (my husbands boss ) the next day . USAA had the funds the next day and are holding on to them from 17 th to 27 th stating regulation's from Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve is privately owened it's not a Government agency. That check was given to my husband to by his boss to keep our electricity on . I had problem's with SACU that's why I went to USAA I'm getting out before this happen's with my house payment.

If you went to the drive through in San Antonio (the only one I know of) go inside and speak to them.  The hold for a check presented in person is certainly not 10 days.  If it is less than $5K it should be available the next business day. 

Something seems wrong here.