In 1971 I was a young, married girl living in Washington,  D.C., working for Geico customer service, when I saw an ad in the paper that USAA was opening a regional office in Northern Virginia and was looking for experienced insurance people.  I called a co-worker and she and I went and applied for jobs and were hired immediately.  (She ended up leaving right away because she fell in love with the fellow they sent from San Antonio to train us, moved to Texas and married him.)


My husband and I were in the process of buying our first house and as an employee I was eligible for USAA insurance.

For forty three years now, USAA has insured our house, cars, umbrella policy and life insurance.  Both of my sons have USAA through the legacy program. 


Throughout the years we have had wonderful customer service and exceptional claims service, including those miserable years with two teen-age boys driving and frequently running into things.


And now, yet another great benefit comes along- the Senior Bonus.  I received ours today and was able to buy two plane tickets to Seattle, five nights in a hotel and a rental car, to go and meet our new grandson who was born in January.

USAA just keeps on giving back  Thank you for a wonderful 43 years!