It seems strange to feel so proud to be a member of an institution like USAA. I mean, it's not like USAA is a personal friend or relative, or an alma mater. I am not employed by USAA, so have no ties to the company via that avenue either. No, USAA is just my online bank, my auto and renters insurance, and the issuers of my personal and auto loans. I have been a member since 2000 and have been through two auto insurance claims, a few moves, and an auto loan refinance. I feel it necessary that I make known to people how wonderfully easy it has been to do business with USAA. I could go on at length about the customer service, low loan rates and solid communication offered by USAA, but I think it will suffice to say that I plan on a lifelong partnership with USAA. (and I'm not even getting paid for this) Cheers, and thank you, USAA. You rule!