Last year 2012,  I decided to stop moving around to be near my grandchildren and settle somewhere between them all. That put me into Jamestown, California, nearest to my daughter.

I found a super nice senior park and a very comfortable home just a mile from my  family.

The night I signed the contract and wrote a check for the downpayment, I woke from a sound sleep to my husband's voice telling me to wake up and call USAA for advice on Insurance and Financing as well as any other critical info I would need to get the best deal.  Well, as soon as the were open in Texas, I listened to my agent and did every thing he recommended, including immediate USAA/ Farmers Mobile Home Insurance, full coverage.  Everyday I thank the spirit of my husband for the guidance, because eight days after I moved into this fabulous place, I had a flood from a burst pipe!

The immediate response from USAA and Farmers was amazing!  They sent in workmen who allowed me to stay in the home while they dried, ripped up flooring, insulation and dried out everything!   I have been very pleased with the response and the care and concern with which my claim was managed and I am  forever thankful of USAA  for taking care of me and mine all these fifty plus years and for the advice from my best adviser who wakes me often with some other suggestions.  Eternal thanks to USAA!!!




I was online paying my insurance an just happened to stumble across your post and for some unknown reason I was touched by your story it brought tears to my eyes and chills down my spine. I compelled to let you know it, And thank you it most definitely made me smile. I hope everything is going well with your new home, and I thank you for you an your family's service to our country.  May god bless you and your Family. And bless you with lots of sunshiny days in sunny California. 



Just a stranger over younder. 

God Bless