My 3 stories - Deployment fraud nightmare, land of the lost (Texas) and Christmas gift USAA style


When I joined the AF my aunt (retired AF) opened a USAA account for me.


In 2004 I deployed and while gone my boyfriend decided to help himself to the money in my BofA account, he had opened a PayPal account and used my banking information. Here I am in the sandbox and my checking account was in the negative from charges that I never authorized! I called BofA and was given the run around, they didn't consider it fraud so I was out of luck. I called USAA and explained the situation, they were AMAZING, they had me set up with a new account in minumal time, got me a small loan so I could make my car payment and other bills until I could transfer my direct deposit and also gave me information to pass on to BofA allowing me to not only freeze all PayPal access but get them to consider it a fraud case! At a time when I was half way around the world and felt like I had no control over my life USAA was there for me to help pick up the pieces and I wasn't even a 'loyal' member at the time.


Fast forward a few years later(January 2006), I'm now a USAA member through and through, I have checking, savings, insurance and a car loan through them. I'm TDY to North Texas base I've never been before and me and 2 co-workers are trying to find a bank branch. We are lost, this is before everyone had GPS so we have no idea where we are, how to get back to base much less find the bank he is looking for. So I called USAA (yes I know it doesn't make sense but he has to get money to his wife) maybe the representitive will know a way. So I explain to the CSR the situation. The CSR was able to get us directions to my co-workers bank, dinner and back to base. What bank or insurance company would do that for you?


Christmas 2008 I went on leave to visit family, while there I logged on to USAA and paid my bills to include my car payment, what I forgot was I had set up an automatic payment that was schduled to start December 20th. A few days later I recieve a call from a USAA representitive asking me if I meant to pay my car payment twice? Ah, no! That phone call saved my Christmas! I was able to cancel the pending payment preventing an overdrawn account!


I have several more positive stories about USAA (auto accident, car theft, house broken into), and 1, maybe 2 that weren't perfect but after seeing all the negative stories being posted I thought I would share some of my happier ones. I love USAA!