Well I just wrote this long story about how USAA made me much happier today but I don't see it on the newsfeed :( so I guess I incurred an error. But basically I said that there are a few bad apples working at usaa and at the beginning of my auto ins claim I was unfortunate to get one of them. Today, however, I decided to not talk to original adjuster because one she didn't answer like always and two she never returns my call when I leave a message. I'm so thankful I talked to this other guy because he fixed everything in one call with information I had from the beginning and was told was not needed! So now I'm getting my deductible refunded just in time for Holidays and I am so happy! Thank you for the great employees you have who know their job inside and out. I just wish I would have had him from the beginning because then I probably wouldn't have had to wait almost 2 months for $500 that I really couldn't afford to be out in the first place. Now if I could just get a great employee to help me with the holds I keep get placed on my paycheck deposits.


We're thrilled to hear that we were able to correct the situation and  appreciate your feedback. That being said, it's unfortunate that you didn't receive stellar service the first time around. If you'd like to share additional feedback the handling of your claim, please let us know.