Moving to an address separate from my joint applicants.

This has been a continuos issue that myself and others that bank with USAA are having. A process improvement request has been initiated on my part, but the problem is not resolved. My children are joint on my account and I am joint on one of their accounts, but we all live in separate locations. My son is in the military, but when I change my address your process is to click on any other accounts that I would like to change. I only click on my physical accounts, not the ones that I am only joint on. The issue is that even if I don't click on those changes them anyway. The process is in place, but it doesn't work. My son changed his address, but since I changed mine it changed his address back to my address. His card got sent to me, I had to mail it to him, he used the card at his duty station, it prompted an alert because the system changed his address to my address, you cancelled his card that I just sent him because his address was changed due to me changing only my physical accounts address and you had to send him a new card after he just received that one. Sounds is. Now my daughter lives in a different state and she says she called and told them only change her address only because of this issue. I went to the gas station to put in my zip code and it said zip code invalid. I found out that the representative; despite my daughter specifically telling them to only change her physical account, changed my address too. Now I have to once again contact USAA again. This happened to other USAA members because it happened to my boyfriend as well. My address should not have changed my account just because I am joint on my sons account. This is a ridiculous issue. It happened several times already and even if we did something wrong online, which that isn't the case, the representative could not get it right either. Also I called to file a claim on my car and the claim was opened on my sons car. I am not even on his insurance. I'm joint on his checking not anything else. I wasn't calling about a checking account issue. We don't even have the same car. The representative, after calling multiple times, finally admitted that it was an operator error. The gentlemen who took the claim just made a mistake. The issue is every time I called about my car the rep. mentions my sons name and auto insurance account. I wish I could see your system to get an understanding of what you are seeing and why you keep tying me with my sons auto insurance. My name is not on his auto policy. If I am not on my sons insurance should you be discussing his account. There is a disconnect somewhere and it needs to be resolved. I just got a different auto insurance company all together because it appears that the system that you have in place isn't working or the representatives went through training way to quickly and missed some processes.


Wow!! Navy Federal,

Thank you for posting in Community. This is not the experience we want for our members. We have escalated your concerns to a representative who will be contacting you.  We look forward to the opportunity in resolving this matter.

I too have joint insurance and bank accounts with grown children. USAA: please follow up on this post so other members can better understand how to avoid the unfortunate experiences described. Shouldn't my kids having their own member numbers and profiles avoid these issues?

We appreciate your inquiry, Kidd1976. Your concern has also been escalated to a colleague for follow up. Thanks for reaching out. Cathleen 

Kidd1976 - I attempted to reach you by phone to discuss this issue but was unsuccessful and left a brief voicemail. I sent a detailed message to the secure message center. You can access it by logging on, clicking your name, then Alerts & Actions, then My Emails. Please feel free to contact us again should you have any additional questions.