My husband is active duty air force and is taking an embassy position in Warsaw, Poland.  This is our first overseas assignment, and it isn't a typical DOD move.  There is NO military base and we are going to be on the economy.  Anyone out there had experience with a Dept of State (embassy) overseas assignment or lived in Warsaw, Poland?  Feeling a little lost in the "in between" world of DOD and DOS...




I was on Embassy Duty from 1986-1990.  I was stationed in Morocco, Yugoslavia, Egypt, and was in Warsaw, Poland for 2 months during the Wallesa movement when George Bush Sr. was VP under Reagan.  Poland has a lot of history, I am not well versed on the area as I was not there that long; however, you will be fine.  They have American Schools for your children (if you have any), and you will receive allowances for housing just like you do stateside.  It is possible that the DAO (Defense Attache' Office) has housing that is customary with the role your husband is filling.  At any rate, sorry I cannot offer more, but you will be just fine.  Doctors at the embassy are contract doctors also, never had issue with them.  If a problem arises that they cannot figure out, you'll be medically transferred to the closest military installation overseas, or stateside.  Good luck, you should really enjoy this.


Brad Campbell

Retired Marine 

Hi Amy, I have a Navy FAO friend who recently arrived in Warsaw to work at the Security Cooperation office at the U.S. Embassy. If you send me your e-mail, I can put you in touch with her.


I was a Marine Embassy Guard at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw for 15 months in 1985-86.  I lived in an apartment on the embassy compound during my stay.  Most of the diplomats and military attached folks lived in apartments or houses around Warsaw.  I loved my tour in Warsaw, and found the local population very friendly.  I also did a tour on embassy duty in Israel.  I have lots of experience with the Department of State, and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.  I served during the "Iron Curtain" days, so I imagine it is even better duty now.  

My spouse was born in Poland and still has Family there. Feel free use a life line anytime.