Moving to Texas , if any could help me finding a landlord that could rent me an apartment In Dallas near Plano

I'm moving to Dallas ,  or any area near Plano because I 've an job offer over there , I'm moving alone with my preschooler , my husband would be living to trianing soon so I would be alone . Please if someone could help me , the rents in Plano are very expensive. Any help would be great !!!!!!! I'm starting a new whole life !!!!!!!!!




Hi , thank you !!! 


How do I know this isn't a scam ??? how serios is this ???? 

Need more info of him ... I'm moving with a preschooler , where in Dallas does he lives ???? His age ??? How could I get to know him ???

This is so strange ...


Thanks !!!

try outside of plano, Richardson, frisco or even garland. depending on where in plano you are working they are from 15-30 mins away.

Congratulations on your job and move! How exciting!


Have you tried using websites like They allow you to search for rooms to rent or apartments in a certain area.


Also can be helpful!


Good luck!!

Thanks to all! Briana, is just for when we PCS, or do you think they could help me too? My hubby talks to his recruiter he says we have some options ...

You are right ahrn is tougher to use when you are not searching by installation location! You could try searching for the nearest military outfit to where you would like to settle in Plano. You could also use USAA's Homecircle search, it can find rentals for you. When I used it to search Plano a few apartment options came up.


Talking to a recruiter would be a great time to ask for some military friendly recommendations for housing. Many temporary lodging and apartments will make special deals with military families if you ask them to!

Ok! Thank you Brianna! Any new advance I would let you know .