Attending AWC in July 2013 and will go unaccompanied (first time doing this). Any advice on decent apartments in Montgomery (not Prattville) and/or decent real estate agents willing to work with me on finding a rental apartment? thanks in advance! Lt Col Dwayne LaHaye


Hey! My husband just started recruiting out of RS Montgomery. Aronov Realty is an excellent company who can get you in touch with some good rental properties. We're looking at a house in Taylor Lakes (East Montgomery), but there is an awesome apartment complex right next to it called The Legends at Taylor Lakes: (334) 284-4410. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!
Try not to get an apartment in Montgomery. It is a do I put it.. ghetto city. There are some nice places off of Taylor Rd. but inner city can get very shady.
Hey Col. I am from Montgomery and a very decent complex to live in is the Central Park Apartments off the Eastern Bypass at I-85. There is a grocery store close. Restaurants, gym, the base just about everything you need. I lived there for three years. If I go back to live; that's where I will go. Good luck.
Attending AWC right now. Renting an apartment in East Montgomery at Barrington Place Apartments. They are really nice and the management is very responsive. We have a small lake with ducks and herrons and 2 community buildings with pools and gyms. Our apartment has a 2 car attached garage. They also have one car garages and some w/o a gagarge.
Not sure why you ruled out Prattville. Great place, less crime, nice apartments and less traffic to Maxwell.
Hello Col. We lived in The Paddock Club Apartments for one year before we built a house in Prattville. The website for it is: It was a nice place to live temporarily. Gated. It is off Eastern Blvd. on Bell Road. This puts it about as far if not farther from base than Prattville (due to distance from the interstate and traffic) which has some better options. Prattville is "closer" due to ease of access to the interstate. Very quick commute to base. Any apartments with close access to the interstate in Montgomery are going to be undesirable from my experience. On base housing can also help with apartments in the area. I hope this helps you some.
While at ACSC we lived at the Legends of Taylor Lakes and very much enjoyed the location, security and amenities.
We just PCS'd to Montgomery several months ago from San Diego. Taylor Lakes has 2 really great apartment complexes (and it's a nice area removed from some of the not-so-nicer area of Montgomery). One of them is called Legends, and the other is called The Village at Taylor Oaks. Sturbridge is a really nice area, too, and they have an apartment complex called the Sturbridge Commons. As far as a real estate agent to work with, we worked with Aronov Realty, and they were FANTASTIC! They are the biggest/best realtor in the area, and they are local so they know the area incredibly well. I know that there are some houses for rent, as well. One that we were considering (but didn't go for because we decided to buy) is a nice, updated house. Here's some pictures: Good luck, and welcome to The Gump!