We are in the process of moving over the summer and would like to know which school district are good. For instance, Derby vs Maize school districts. Housing available off base? I have a junior and middle school (special needs).


I would highly recommend Andover.  Maize is simply further from base than is necessary to be in a good school district.  Derby is not as good as either Maize or Andover.

Have you arrived there yet? If so, what are your first impressions? My wife is, right this minute at TMO getting her orders to McConnell. Orders that have us leaving this base in 11 more days...what a headache.

Yes we arrived 1 mth. So far I am happy with the area that we are living in Andover. People are very friendly and several activities on base. Easy to get around and we went to rock rapid in derby last week which was free for the military. Tomorrow my youngest will be in a fashion show at the bx. I know how frustrating it can be while transition between states. All the best.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the Air Force's base ratings came out today and worried my wife because McConnell was in the 60s (out of 68). But I don't think it can be worse than Maxwell! Maybe this will help her feel a bit better about the move.

Good luck.

Hi. We are moving to Mcconell this spring. We are currently in Germany. I have 3 small children-1 of them school aged. I, worried about the public schools. If found some private schools that look promising. Any hints on moving to this area. Where to live, rent or buy??i have never been to Kansas!!
We arrived in June and the best area is in Andover school district. I just recently started working with the district. We bought our house quickly due to orders with Joel weihe who is a great realtor . His email is joelweihe@gmail.com. his number is 316-833-2677. I was very nervous but now we are settled and actually live the small town field. Another area to buy is good ardent or maize,but a simply love the Andover school district they are definitely on point and if you search you will see that they are the best in Kansas.

I prefer to buy because I realized that the rent here is much more than the mortgage for instance we wanted a 4 bed room 2 bath which was way over $2,200. We purchased our home below that amount.
Well, Andover is nice. Everyone kept telling us to move there. It came down to 2 houses. One in Andover and one in Mulvane, which is only 15 mins or so from the base. After driving both the choice was super easy. Mulvane it was. The schools are great. We have 2 in HS and one in the Primary school. Mulvane is and has that small town feel that we missed for so long. We have great neighbors. Nice community. And the best part is we are right off of Rock Rd which is a straight shot to MAFB. Derby is a great little town with an awesome park and shopping. We are so glad to be away from the hustle and bustle but yet close enough to everything that we need.

Hello-Thank you all for the very speedy responses. Yes, I hear Andover is nice, especially the YMCA. When we were stationed in Florida we used the Y facilities everyday. We are not opposed to commuting to McConnell. In fact, we are hobby farmers. We don't mind having a little bit of land to garden, raise chickens and animals. We looked at Mount Hope, Rose Hill, Mulvane just to name a few. But we have never actually been to these areas. I can't go ahead of time to house hunt because I just had a baby. It would be too much. I'm hoping we can find a furnished apartment or something where we can stay until we find a house. Any ideas??The prices of homes seem to be great! Does it seem this way to you? You can get a big house for little money! When we were stationed in Florida prices were absolutely horrible!!! I'm also so worried about schools, my son has been in foreign schools and well the curriculum is completely different. He is only now starting to show an interest in reading in English. Since we have been away from the states I hear so many stories about public schools-it is quite scary. All the testing, core curriculum (whatever that is), class sizes. It is just crazy. I would love to find a small country type school, away from the city. 

It is exciting to research about all the "stuff" going on around Wichita from farmers markets to zoo! Thanks again for your responses. 

I'd also like to add, I let my kids play outside, let them walk and explore in our safe village. I can see his school from our house...I just hope we can find a place like this, does this exsist? :) where everyone knows everything and if your kid is doing something wrong you will hear about it! I guess the positive is I don't have to speak in German in Kansas....we will miss our neighbors, oma&opas always loving on our children!! my husband will definitely miss all our local festivals, we just celebrated st nikolaus tag and 2nd advent!! i will miss this place.