PCSing to Cherry Point this summer from CA. I wil be looking for preschools for my 4yo and middle school/high schools as well for my other child. Housing as well...heard base housing isnt worth the BAH. Sooo...we are looking at New Bern, Newport and Morehead City area due to school ratings and proximity to everything. What do you love/hate about the area? Places of town to avoid? School & neighborhood information? I would really like to move without flying out to scope everything out myself.    


We are also going to ship one of our cars as well. ANy reputable companies?
Hey how are u , is your fathers company hiring I seen your post :-)

I will be moving to Cherry Point in August and have a lot of the same questions.  We don't have kids yet so schools and all isn't our biggest concern but knowing the area and best places to live is.  My husband is already down there and has been checking into different areas.  New Bern though seems to be our top choice in finidng a place to live.  I haven't heard the best about Newport but Morehead City & Atlantic Beach are great towns.  Best of luck on your move! 

Housing is pretty new at Cherry Point.  New Bern, Atlantic City and Moorehead are ok, if you don't mind the drive to and from the base.  


Lots of luck to you guy