So we have only PCSed once, from St. Paul, MN to Fort Sill, OK. Since we moved CONUS, we drove with our two cats. Now that we are moving to Germany I'm a bit nervous about how our cats will cope with the trip and just plain moving to another country. I have been to Germany before and I speak a little German so I'm not worried too much about myself but my hubby doesn't speak much, but he is learning with Rosetta Stone right now. The thing about moving with my cats is that they had free range in the car, and they were really stressed about it. They are only 6 but I'm worried that they will get too stressed out on the plane. I also don't know enough about PCSing and would love if anyone could give me some pointers, last time was a bit hectic. And I want to make sure we are getting all allotments that we are supposed to, we didn't get them all last time because we didn't know about them.


First, get all your pets vaccinations up to date. Go to the vet on post and find out if there is anything else they need (vaccinations). Also, you can go to the Army Relocation Center and get advice from them. Second, check the airline you are using to find out what restrictions or paperwork you need for your pet to fly. Third, check the German consult/embassy on what paperwork your pet needs to have while in country. Four, start training your pets to feel comfortable in a kennel. Good Luck!
First let me say congratulations on being able to live in Germany! While I was married to my ex we were transferred to Germany twice and both times we loved it. As far as your kitties go please make sure you have base housing all set up before you move or have your sponsor find a decent kennel to board them while you are house hunting. On our last move our sponsor knew we had a dog but did nothing to help us out so my poor beagle ended up having to stay at the airport kennel and got terribly sick. We ended up taking my dog to a German vet who told us she could not save our dog nor could the vet on base. I don't mean to scare you just have your housing set up before you get there, even if this means your husband goes ahead of you. I now have four cats and two of them let me say are not to crazy for each other. In stressful times I use Bach Rescue Remedy which is a natural stress relief liquid that I give to my cats. It has worked wonders and just mellows them out. I purchased mine at Whole foods but you may be able to order it from Amazon. Try it out on them before you leave just to see how it works. Keeps my cats calm for a good four or five hours. I hope this helps and by the way tell your husband not to get to stressed on learning German since almost everyone speaks English over there. Have a safe trip and enjoy.