My wife and I are dual military (no kids, but two dogs). I will be working at Pearl-Hickam and she will be at FT Shafter (25th ID). We are looking for a rental home that is somewhat centrally located between the two - Waipahu. Prefer someplace where we can walk the dogs to get coffee, have lunch, etc...Alot of people recommend Kaneohe however it is a 40min drive for my wife. We are looking in the $2500-$3500 monthly rent.


Honestly, I wouldn't live in Waipahu. Salt Lake seems like the most obvious choice-- it's minutes away from both. If you want a view, take to the hills above Aeia-- you can get a house in your price range there. Walking distance to coffee is going to be a problem, though, that's why I'm thinking Salt Lake area.
Have you consider Pearl City? I have a townhouse in Waiau Garden Villas. It is going to be vacant after May 31. It has three bedrooms, two parking stalls and is a end unit. It has been update recently. This would be a central location for both of you. Plus, it is close to the on-ramp for your commutes. Did you mean Scholfield Barracks for 25th ID? I can give you my property managers info. My husband and I were dual military when we lived there and this worked for us. Danielle
I met my husband in Hawaii when he was stationed at Schofield. We moved into the Kunia Apartments directly across the street from Walmart (you can never go wrong living by a walmart open 24/7). In 2003 it cost $1575.00 for a 3 bedroom up on a hill with a far away ocean view looking over pearl harbor all the way to diamond head. 30 min. drive to downtown Waipahu in traffic. I loved it there. Pool, volleyball court, gym, and a place to bbq. All centered in the middle of the apartments. I could only imagine what the price is now but out of all the places in Waipahu, the Kunia Apartments was the nicest place and only 30-40 min. to north shore if you wanted to spend the night on the beach with a bond fire. I liked the location better than some ghetto locations. Kunia is just a smaller area of Waipahu and is 10 minutes from a shopping area. I believe it was growing when we left and there were nice single-family homes just being built around there starting at $350k. So Waipahu was not considered the nicest of cities but when we left 7 years ago it started looking a lot nicer and a lot of the "bad" people were being pushed out since it was getting nicer, in turn getting too expensive for them to live there. Just a little side note: My husband actually proposed to me next to our Kunia apartment on an open field overlooking the island. In our 9 years of marriage living there was one of the best memories we have. All of our neighbors were military also from all branches so that was nice to have also. I hope you consider it because it's actually a really decent place and I'm one of those picky wives ;). p.s. we also had two small dogs when we lived there. Other people also had big dogs and some had cats so I know they allow animals. Hope that helps.
Kaneohe and Kailua are great if you are working there at Pearl or Ft. Shafter. Reason being, once you get on the H-3 it's smooth sailing to either base, and depending on the time of day you're actually only looking at 25-30 min. The only time I can think of it took me over 30 min to get to Pearl from our house (we live all the way up by temple valley) there was an accident on the H-3 in the tunnel, and that was once in two years. But it's a short drive up to MCBH to use all their facilities and get to the exchanges and commissary.
I just moved from there in Nov. I was there for 3 years. If you want a place big enough for two dogs that will allow you to walk them and be close to home, look at the housing off the H1 called Salt Lake. It's close to both of your stations if I remember right. If that doesn't suit you, then I would look out in Mililani, there's more property and bigger homes for rent out there especially in that price range. You'll hate the commute if you try to go from Kaneohe to Pearl area everyday, traffic on Oahu is the worst I've ever seen. If you have any questions feel free to email them, I'll be glad to help.