Hi, We are pcs'ing to Ft Drum in early Oct and after looking at the waitlist it doesnt look like we will be living on post. I am looking for information on renting a house in a good school district because our children will in 4th grade this fall. Plus we have preschooler and I would like to be able to place her in a good preschool. Any informaton on the area and schools would be great. Thanks for ya'lls help


We have been living our home since the end of Dec, USAA wasnt able to move the paperwork fast enough to get us in before Christmas. We ended up buying a home in Carthage NY. Its a nice village, our children attend West Carthage and enjoy the school. The weather is cold but now its getting warm and so much is blooming. As for the post its ok. I can till you we switched from medical services on post to Martins Point Tricare so we could use dr's office off post. Had a bad experince with the on post clinic while we waited for housing and the pharmacy is a joke.
Hey did you finally move to Fort Drum? If you did please get back to me we are moving there in the summer and will like some info. Thank you