Single & no kids moving from MD to FL Miami area. Any suggestion of good areas (send zip codes)? I want to buy an apt walking or a short distance to shoppings &etc. It does not need to be on an ocean front. Thanks :-)


Hi, without kids your options are endless. As a real etate professional myself, I urge you to decide on what area of Miami you are most interested in living in and find a local realtor to help you narrow down the choices to fit your needs and wants. I live in West Palm and have lived in Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale as well. It is a great area. Welcome to south FL and happy hunting!
My sister lived in the Three Lakes area (husband was AGR about a 45 min commute for him).
Plantation, Florida is a great place to live in my opinion. The housing is more affordable than miami, and miami as well as surrounding areas are easily traveled to.
Hi everyone, I am adding these cities to my "FL location list" and will do a search about themt. I contacted the USAA Buying Program and got a Real State List to check it out. I also started to do a major "House Clean Up". Thanks!!
Miami is a Latin cultural pot. I moved from there 8 years ago as I felt I was in a foreign country. If you go to south Dade you will find many Spanish speaking folks not able to speak English. I live in Plantation and it is a mixed bag of married families and singles. I love it.. I also would recommend Ft Lauderdale before Miami. One place I would live in Miami is a town called Aventura. Possible good place for singles. Miami is a glitzy town . If you want the Latin experience check out Brickell area. Great for singles. For men Miami is great. lots of gorgeous women. There is a higher ratio of women to men so they love it here. Good luck.
Hi there, Tks for your note. Yes, I have heard about these cities and comments about Miami. I also started considering other locations outside of Miami (Tampa, Orlando and Plantation). I just want to move South, tired of cold and expensive cost of living that WDC/MD area is. :-)
I was born and raised in Dade county (Miami) and it is a great place for someone with no kids! suggest Kendall, which is close enough to drive to all the "Hot spots". Currently in the Kendall Lakes area you can get an apartment of condo super cheap compared to when I lived there. I suggest looking in the 152,154,157 are of 80th-88th street. Good luck
Did you ever find a place to live? My husband and I have a condo in Pembroke Pines, walking distance from the Pembroke Lakes Mall. PP is not far from Miami. I don't know where you ended up or if you are still looking.
Hi there, Glad you you find your place in FL. I am still checking the Miami areas and will add PP on the list. Enjoy the Sunshine State!! :-)