Moving to California..Looking for rentals in La Mirada area any takes?

We are getting orders to move to the california area..Bell california to be exact. Not so sure how to go about this we live on the east coast now moving to the west coast. never lived on the west coast before so kind of hard to find housing from so far away. Any ideas on how to find housing from here or where to start, anything would be great! thanks


What an adventure you are in for! Finding a rental from afar can be a bit tricky but I recommend trying the following: 1. Get an idea of rental prices and the types of homes available for rent by checking listings on, and USAA's These sites also have more reliable listings than sites like craigslist 2. Contact the nearest military installation to Bell, and ask for their housing department, they often have recommendations of neighborhoods, schools and maybe even a real estate agent to help you with the process! 3. Find a professional agent to help you find a home. Many will be able to narrow down listings by your budget and needs. They will also be able to be your "eyes" from afar, allowing you to see more detailed pictures and get a better feel for the rentals that might end up being your home! I had luck using USAA's to find a real estate agent that helped us buy a home! You can find a few more tips in an article I wrote here: I wish you the best of luck and hoped some of these tips help!
I am curretnly stationed near Bell and I am not sure what type of neighborhood you are looking for (ie. suburban, city, middle income) but La Mirada area is decent but would not be my first choice...I would look further south in area like Cerritos, Cypress, Buena Park....Hope this helps...
I have a 4 BDRM/2 BTH House in a nice area in Baldwin Park, walking distance from grocery stores and schools. roughly 20 miles from Bell Reserve CTR. It has a big freshly landscaped back yard and a nice size front yard. I am PCS'ing in June and will be looking for a renter. I would always prefer to rent to a fellow Soldier. Good luck with your search, let me know if your interested.