My husband just got his orders for our next location and we will PCS early next year to Italy. While this is a very exciting time for us to explore different countries & cultures, it is also a very scary time. I am a professional wedding and portrait/lifestyle photographer and military wife. I was wondering if it is possible to run my business over in Italy and how to go about it. I am hoping some people can give some tips on what to do. I have searched all over the internet and can't find any info to help me out. I know quite a few military wives who are also in the same profession, but they have never been overseas. I would love if anyone could give me some pointers even about anything else. We have two very young girls and a dog we will be taking with us. I appreciate the help!


The Italian law is very restrictive for spouses. There are very few jobs for them and they'll be on base working alongside the Italians also holding a set percentage of those same jobs. This prevents the community from losing revenue and jobs to foreign business/residents. I'm not sure of all the details but if your work would be subjected to Italian tax I would assume that it won't be okay under your resident status. Source: In Italy right now.
Hi AF Mommy of 2 I lived three different times at a Navy base in Sicily. Your best bet is to have someone ck with BASE LEGAL at the AF base to see what home businesses are allowed for Spouses to participate in. There are rules, but you will have bigger issues if you don't know and follow the rules. The Status of Forces Agreement is very limited about working opportunities OFF BASE. Better to limit services to Military members and families only and to follow the guide lines from the base to be protected. There is so much to enjoy about ITALY ,with access to Europe, it may be a time for developing other complimentary options, even if your business opportunities are limited at the time you are in country. Good Luck, ck the base web site, ask questions - give yourself 6 months to feel on top of things and then ENJOY- it's so worth it!