Moving from WA to TX - recommendations on movers? anyone tried 800-Pack-Rats?

I've been researching the big national moving companies.. Atlas, Mayflower, Bekins... and have read a LOT of recent negative reviews on broken goods, misplaced items, late deliveries, cruddy customer service once your money is paid, etc from military and non-military alike.


PODS is not available in our area. Looking at 800-Pack-Rats. has nothing but glowing reviews. 


Anyone used this company?


I did the U-haul thing from TX to WA two years ago. Maybe will have to do again....


I moved in 2012.  No matter who you go with if you hire someone, buy the most insurance you can get.  The standard carrier coverage pays you pennies on the dollar.  I had a total of almost $5,000 in damages and loss and the standard carrier coverage paid me around $350.  Some items they wouldn't pay anything for.  They completely ruined both my washer and dryer (piled heavy things on top of them so they bent and twisted) and I got a total of $40 for both.  In 2000 I moved with, I believe it was Allied, and had them also ship my motorcycle.  They refused to pay for any of the damages.  Fortunately, I had full coverage.  It was a full dress bike and they jammed it sideways into the truck so the front tire was against one side and the trunk with all the trim, lights and extras were jammed on the other.  The bouncing of the truck bent and scratched the rear and the front forks were bent.  If you can fit stuff into a U-Haul, I'd do it.  I NEVER had any problems with them in the years I was young enough to carry all my own stuff.

I had good luck with a website called They broker your move to many diff bidders (Estes in my case) and made my move a ton easier. I was able to get a semi trailer for 3 days on each side of the move, which let me pack and load it all myself. Hope it helps :)