Myself and 8 year old daughter will be relocating to Minot AFB to be near my Son and His Family when he returns from Italy in February. We have heard so many Horror Stories about living in Miniot. Can anyone give us a Ray of Sunshine and say something Positive about Minot. Cold is not a issue for us because we Spent 10 years in Colorado. Also, I know the Cost of living is high. Can anyone give me some direction on the best areas to live. Thanks!!!


We are moving too, please share with us what kind of Horror Stories are you talking about it?
We lived at saute St Marie yrs ago and winters were nothing like Colorado. Much like Minot more snow than you can imagine
My family and I moved to Minot in January this year. It was very cold and windy. We live on base which I recommend if you are able because it's very expensive in town. We have four kids and a big enough house to rent in Minot was way over BAH even for me as a Capt. For singles there are a number of decent options in town that are reasonable and wages are very good due to oil boom in the state. The good news is that the summers are great! The people have been fantastic. My wife and kids have adapted well even with this being our first AD station. Lots of people actually like it here and those who don't seem to prefer staying in their room and complaining rather than trying to get out and do something about. Don't get me wrong, it's much colder than CO - I lived in Denver for 4 years. But you just adapt and press on. Hope that helps.
Hi-- I grew up in the Minot area, however do not current live there but still have many family members. The base is a few miles north of town, if you are able to secure housing on base that would be the best option. If Minot is your destination you are competing with many in the oil boom housing market. Options are smaller neighboring towns for housing and school for your daughter. Winters can be cold and windy and summers can be hot and humid. But remember, every location has pros and cons, it's what you make of it. There are many things to do year round. Decent shopping, university, state fair and many other activities, one will not be bored unless they choose to. And your only a short drive from a Canadian adventure, bad sure to check out the International Peace Garden. Good luck! An old saying that may still be in use today: why not Minot! Only the best come north!
Thanks for those that have responded. My son and family are returning from Italy in February like I said in February and I'm not associated per say with the Military. I was married for 21 years and recently went through a Divorce and Myself and Daughter are relocating by them for some support and be by family. Because of the length of my Marriage, I do get to keep all of my benefits , but unfortunately Living on Base isn't one of them. I wish I had that option for the Safety of my daughter. Does anyone know what areas is the best place to live and what areas to stay away from? Also, My daughter will be attending I think it's called Bishop Ryan Catholic School. Does anyone know anything about that school? THANKS! !

Bishop Ryan from what I remember was a very good school. It is also near the college, Minot State University on the north side of town.  Due to your situation you may want to reach out to a realtor for assistance in locating housing close to work and school, with the oil boom, housing has become very interesting.  The AFB is north of town, so this may be an ideal location for you as well.  Try out google maps where you can get a visual of the the street.

Information on living in Minot varies from person to person. I have family in Minot and live in Williston. Both are not that different from living in a major city. I would suggest talking to someone at the Heritage Center or call the Police Dept. if you really want unbiased imformation. I would be more than happy to help, but don't want to write a book on North Dakota Survival Tips
Thanks! ! Nueguy..Is the Heritage Center on the Military Base or its off Base. .
Also, Do you know if Most Military Families live in Minot or is there other cities near the Base. I will be seeking employment on the base and would like to be close as possible. My son should be getting a Sponsor Soon.. So we hope he can give us some direction.