My Husband and i are moving to Killeen Tx, and i would like to know which apartments are the best to live in and if anyone can give me some guidance as far as military moving us... am in florida and he is coming from iraq... HELP!!!!


Hi, were stationed at Ft Hood some time ago, so I am not sure of the names of the apartment complexes anymore but I can tell you its best to live in Copperas Cove or Harker Heights instead of Killeen itself, at least in our opinion. Cove has some nice apartment complexes and so does Heights.
Don't live near any of the gates, especially the East gate! If at all possible, consider living on post. It'll save him commute time in the mornings with trying to get on/off post for PT and morning formations. Have you considered doing a DITY move? My husband & I did it when we PCS'd from Fort Hood and made a considerable sum of money. Good luck!
Thank U So Very Much I Did Speak To On Post Housing Today.. Only Thing Hubby Doesnt Want To Stay On Post... Anyhow I Found An Apartment The Remington Am Now Trying To Figure Out... How To Go About Moving My Things Because Driving From Florida To Texas Is A Long Drive And On Top Of It All I Have My Car So Am Trying To Find The Cheapest Route... Any Help Or Suggestions Would Be Greatly Appreciated.. Also Keep Ur Head Up In Afghanistan...
Ma'am, I am a SFC in the Army and have served at Fort Hood, Tx, as well as my wife being from Killeen (the surrounding city outside Fort Hood). I would recommend securing housing by contacting the local housing office from Fort Hood's homepage. On-post housing is beautiful and most of it recently built (within last 5-7 yrs). Plus the added benefit of the installation amenities being at your finger tips as well as your husband not having to fight with traffic going INTO Fort Hood early in the morning or when leaving for the day to come home...(this can get extremely frustrating). If your the kind of couple that wants to "go home" for the in away from the installation, I too can understand this. If so, I would recommend the Harker Heights, Belton, or Temple areas as they have multiple new housing developments and apartments going up seemigly each year. Plus the crime rate is significantly less in these areas as compared to Killeen itself. I wish you and your husband the best! I am currently in Afghanistan, and my wife and I will be moving back to Fort Hood too, I simply had to respond to your post! Take Care and GOD Bless!
Okay Kool!! I Will Look Into Those Areas And See What I Can Find...
Best to live south of 190 if you choose Killeen, also I have had a few friends live in a gated apartment complex which is really nice called Stone Creek, It is close to post, but far enough away from it too.
Belton, Temple or Harker Heights are the way to go if are looking to live off post. I spent 9.5 years at Hood and for the last 4 my house was literally 3.5 miles to the gate and I still had to leave the house no later than 0545 to make it to PT on time because of the traffic. If you live in Belton, there is a back gate that can be used to cut down on traffic time. On post is nice, but if your husband is like me, I loved having seperation from work in the form of a gate. Kind of a boundry between work and play. There are a TON of new homes and housing complexes all over the area around Killeen if you choose there.....two things to remember......SOUTH of US 190 and avoid anything that is a number street - i.e. 10th street. Hope this helps.
Thanks All... Too Bad I Will Never Get The Chance To See Fort Hood... Due To Me And My Husband Getting A Divorce....