Are there any agencies out there that will assist me to relocate as a disable veteran.


Check with the state dept of Veteran affairs. Each state has a local level of VA and some states have programs to help you relocate

Do you assist with any moving questions?  What about finding off post housing?

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Stephanie, if it was the email you sent on the 12th I responded to that email, and I just sent a response again. If it was a different email from the first, I did not receive that one.



Theresa Harrison-Sawyer

I need to move from Tampa fl to the villages fl 32162. I am looking for a full service mover to pack load and unload can you recommend a good company. The move is 65 miles from Tampa (instate move). Thanks

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Any good suggestions for a moving company for a disabled vet who is moving to a new state? Vet cannot use his right arm so he cannot move himself.