USAA is not what they used to be.  The CEO's quest for higher and higher returns makes them just like any other Bank.  Look at what they spend on advertising now days. Radio, TV and magazines cost a bunch.

Look at the message boards and you see a pattern of decline among the members.  10 years ago you never heard a bad word about USAA 


I've always been able to beat their interest rates any time I've needed to. Car insurance is expensive and can't get homeowners. They have sold my info to car salesmen and Realtors etc..    

USAA once owned this market. The quest for higher returns is destroying what was once something special.

I hope that USAA will realize the direction they are heading and stop and return to what made them great.  

If not they are  going to end up like Sears or NETFLIX.  Companies that once dominated the market and became so obsessed with return they lost that dominence