I have been a USAA member for over 25 yrs. great products and great institution. No claims and paid premiums on time. Great credit rating. Have a reasonably sized IRA.
If you consider yourself a top customer, please look at what other commercial institutions have to offer. USAA is focused on attracting entry level customers and have neglected the customers who made them what they are today.
If you are a good catch for a financial institution, open your eyes and see that others would love to have you as a customer and will offer you their top tier status with much more benefits and perks.
USAA is for your kids. Open your eyes and MOVE ON. we are not welcomed here here any more.


This is so not true. Obviously because you think you have a high status that USAA should bow to you. Well big surprise, they are too large of a company to worry about all you cry babies. First of all you wont find a better insurance rate anywhere else, and as far as the banking side of it, they are there for the military families that are struggling paycheck to paycheck, and to make sure these men and women are taken care of. So take your sizable IRA acct, and moisy on down the road, who cares...

AGREE wholeheartedly.  add to that the ridiculous automated phone tree that seems to use 1986 technology, and if you can finally find your way to a live body, getting transferred to at least 3 different people- EACH TIME RE-VERIFYING 7 DIFFERENT ID NUMBERS (for security). to find someone who can actually "help" you.  "oh, i can only handle deposit questions about odd numbered days, if you have a question about an even number day, let me transfer you again..."

its ridiculous, this place sucks!!!  take your money elsewhere!!

-PK (member for 20 years until 2 months ago)

first of all, the rates arent better, look around.  (they used to be).  second of all, call me an elitist if you want but pi$$ing off your high $$ (also low maintenance) customers to cater to the food stamp crowd is not a sound business practice.  if this place wants to be a pay-day loan pawn shop, good riddance.  

I'm surprised about these attitudes. We came over from State Farm and were and are impressed with the difference in customer service (much better here) and the amount of money we saved insuring all of our assets and our lives. I have never had a problem with USAA and have been impressed from day 1. Your reference to USAA customers as the Food Stamp and pawn shop crowd does a disservice to every honorably charged veteran who uses USAA and says more about you than your comments do about a good company.
The Sheeple speak. Remember, you're only a sucker if you don't know you're being suckered. USAA will blow sunshine up you @$$ and screw you in the end. I wouldn't p!$$ on USAA if it was on fire. Neither should you.

30 year member here: USAA did not come close to paying the fair market value for a vehicle after an accident.  USAA sounds friendly on the phone, mostly, but the BS is hollow when they don't do what they are paid to do - and that's insure us when things go wrong.  USAA is riding on similar coat tails of GM, Chrysler and all the other bail out phonies who took the American public for granted and created shiny bowel movements that took the collective generosity of the country to rescue: corporate welfare!  And look where GM, Chrysler and the others are today.


How many of you USAA defenders have ever filed a claim with USAA recently?


I filed a claim with USAA about a month and a half ago for hail damage (around $8,500). I submitted the claim online, reserved my rental vehicle, chose my own body shop, and scheduled everything through the website. It took 8 days from the time I submitted the claim till the day I picked my car back up. I never even had to speak to a representative on the phone. This was a texbook example of a hassle free claims process. This was my 5th claim with USAA over the course of my membership and it is always as hassle free as it was this time. I guess the fact that I always experience outstanding service makes me a so called "defender" or "sheeple".




None of them -- they are drones ... but someone has to inhabit the left side of the bell curve.  

I filed a claim for water damage in the kitchen due to a leaky pipe.  $4000 of damage, they only asked that I take pictures of the damage (um, reasonable) and the next day they asked which account to deposit the money into, and by the end of the day it was sitting in that account.