My emotional moments: * getting married * having daughters * daughters getting married * daughters having grand kids.

Many emotional moments in my lifetime.  However, the most emotional happened on a number of occasions at Clark Air Base Phillippines.  One of my duty stations was VR-7 Det. "A" Tachikawa Japan.  We had four C-121 Super Constellation aircraft.  I was a crew member, load master on one of those aircraft.  Our mission was to fly to Clark A.B., which we would use as our base of operations for a week.  We would fly to various military bases in Vietnam to pick up wounded and fly them back to the hospital at Clark.  We could carry, I believe I remember, something like 30 litter  and 20 sitting wounded.  Now, for my most emotional moments:  When we would land at Clark, no matter time or weather, as we pulled up to offload the wounded, a small band, I believe 8 piece, would meet us at the tarmac and play the Star Spangled Banner!  Cheeeeeeze, the tears would flow from this crew members eyes! I would hide my emotions since this wasn't the manly thing to do.  Every time we would be making our approach to Clark, I would say to myself, "don't let that dam band get to you"! It always did!  Thank-you band @ Clark A.B.. Your participation will always be remembered by this sailor!  Oh yes, we all want to thank our precious cargo we brought home for all they went through for our country! I think of them often and wonder, are they o.k.?  One other emotional moment I had prior to seperation was one day while walking on a sidewalk in San Diego, there was a sign that read, "Dogs and Sailors- Stay Off The Grass"  God Bless America!