I am a third generation USAA member and my husband is a first generation member. He is in the US Army. With him being in the military, our family goes through a lot of changes on a regular basis. USAA has been there to help with every change. When I call them, I go through a simple recording system and have never had to wait on hold more than a minute or two while it connects me to the proper department. Whether I'm calling for banking, duty station changes (both in the United States and internationally) or deployment related issues, the USAA representative I've spoken with has always been helpful and knowledgeable and if they can't answer my questions, they transfer me to someone who can.


This commitment to serving our nation's military and their families became even more apparent in the past few months. When my husband deployed to Afghanistan for his third deployment, I called USAA to go through the normal deployment checklist. While on the phone, they recommended that my husband add additional life insurance through USAA. Since he was deployed, a physical was not required and all he had to do was fill out some simple forms and a questionnaire online. I talked to my husband and he agreed that it would be a good idea, completed the process and was approved for the insurance. A couple months later, he was severely injured and lost both of his lower legs. When I called USAA to tell them, the representative I spoke with told me that due to his injuries, my husband was eligible to receive the severe injury rider that was included for free with his life insurance policy while deployed. He transferred me through to the proper department and they helped walk us through the process. The payment hit our account within days of USAA receiving our paperwork.


While the insurance money from the policy will be extremely helpful during this difficult time in our lives, the part that impressed me the most is the representative I originally spoke with after my husband was injured. He didn't just hand us off and move on to the next case and forget all about us. He has called back several times over the past five months just to check in and see how my husband was doing. He didn't try to get us to try new products or policies. He just called to make sure we were being taken care of and to check on my husband's condition. That's the kind of service that I appreciate from USAA that sets them apart from other financial institutions that I've dealt with. Thank you, USAA, for caring for us as people and not just member and policy numbers!