Money saved

I bought a car after I was in a car accident while I was stationed in TX and I allowed the dealer to find me the best loan at the dealership. I had terrific credit but this was my first big loan so I got a interest rae of 25% and I thought that was the best I could do. A month later after I paid my first payment my brother (who was in the Army) told me to call USAA to get a quote, so to humor him I called and the man on the phone said I could get a loan at 5% interest...WHAT?!? I switched immediately and USAA did all the work for me, mailed me papers to sign and I lowered my monthly payment by $50.00 and my payoff date stayed the same. The rest is history and now ALL my banking and insurance is with USAA. I will never find another like USAA.
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