Do to personal issues my son and I will be moving to Moneta. I am thinking about purchasing a home there. But I have not used my VA loan before. I am on disability and don't know own if that would feasible. What is the current interest rate? How much of a loan can you get with a payment around 650 - 750? Obviously how much home depends on the area of the home search. Thanks


Hello Aspie mom, I appreciate your interest in our lending options. We do not have someone here on Sunday to address your question, but I will forward it to the appropriate area who will respond to you on Monday. Have a good weekend. ~ Lori

Aspie mom,

We understand that buying a house is an exciting time and interesting time.  We're here to help anyway we can during the process of your application.  You can explore many resources available on to include mortgage payment calculators and interest rates. Please feel free to contact our loan officers at 1-877-865-8839 to discuss your specific loan options. ~Thank. you. Celeste

Do not use USAA for your VA mortgage! It will be sold off to nationstar an F rated mortgage company! Go with someone else. My mortgage was sold off after only 4 months!