Over the last few months, I have been constantly having issues logging on to the USAA website and I tried to be patient but today, I just lost it. On dec 02, I made a mobile deposit of a check I received from out of state using USAA mobile banking. The application accepted the check and informed m to write void on it and destroy it. So, I did as told when I saw the funds were accepted. 50 days later, I received an email not a phone call from USAA that the image of the check were not acceptable and the original was needed to be mailed in. Where do they think the original is? In the trash, now I got to kindly request a replacement and hope they will send it in time so I can mail it to USAA when I'm moving in less than 2 weeks. I wished USAA could have informed me earlier over the fone rather than 50 days later over email. I think USAA is losing touch!