Over the past ten plus years I have not had anything negative to say about USAA. What I have experienced over the past thirty days with the misinformation campaign that has occurred has been painful and it completely wiped out the years of excellence. Its great to talk to a manager or a service rep that says, I am sorry for them saying that. Sorry sounds great but does not fix the problem that the bad information has now placed the consumer in. The insurance division really needs to go through a quality assurance review.  If not checked, this will definitely have a negative impact on the company. 


We'd like to know more about what happened, so we can try and help. You've been loyal to us for more than a decade and we'd hate to lose you. Rather than apologize, we'd like to get to the bottom of the situation and get our management team involved. When you have a moment, please send a message here. We'll make sure a specialist follows up with you.