I appreciate clarifying the tier system at USAA.  I was aware that it is membership based and as a retired Senior NCO, I was appreciative when they opened up membership to others than Officers.  While it may seem unfair to family members and junior NCOs how the risk pool is established, we all still have choices and with any company that provides products and services we have to do our own research and comparison to include reviews and comments like those offered by the community to make informed decisions.  While there is no financial institution (or company in the business of making money), what I've been most impressed with about USAA is this: when Congress could not come to an agreement to avert government furloughs, USAA was proactive in ensuring their members would not suffer a financial hardship by providing support in the service they offer.  To me that is above and beyond and I don't know of any other financial institution or insurance company that extended that kind of support to its members.  I am aware of many instances where during the housing crises major financial institutions were inflexible in adjuticating hardships of their patrons.  USAA is not perfect, I've even experienced some encounters I was not happy with the outcome but to make a public statement of support like that to those who would be impacted the most, ie our young troops and their families, that spoke dividends to me.  It would be great for USAA to get back to doing more things like that - that is the heart and sole of what USAA is about.


Thank you for your feedback, Vanguard75! We appreciate your membership and kind words. We love our members and hope to be able to help in any way possible. Thank you again for reaching out.