Coming up on 40 years as a member. Became a member in 1974 when I bought my first car and my dad hooked me up with insurance through what was then call USAA CIC (Casualty Insurance Co.) Everything that I do now that can be done through USAA, is being done through USAA. Hands down the BEST service, website, company, culture, products, and people I have ever worked with with. The most impressive fact is that, over the years, while other companies standards of service and support to their customers have dwindled to what now are automated voice systems and people overseas, sitting in cubicles with head sets on, reading from a script, USAA has maintained and even improved, on it's high standars for products and services. (The deposit at home feature is a perfect example, how cool is that?) Never any complaint with anything USAA has ever done in nearly 40 years, can't really say that about anything else in my life. Great job USAA, keep it up.