Hello Everyone, my name is Michael. Most people call me Mike. I don’t like not knowing people that I have a chance to get to know. That statement might get me drug tested, but it’s what I meant. I’m from a small city in Texas and I know most everyone in just about all walks of life. My wife would get embarrassed on vacations because I always found an opportunity to meet someone or more than once ran into someone I already knew. You never know what can come of meeting someone new. I like to say that it’s better to know someone and not need them than to need them and not know them. Not sure where that saying originally came from or what context it was actually used in, but I’ve heard it many times in many ways. Meet everyone you can, if nothing in terms of friendship or other value ever stems from it what have you hurt by extending your hand and offering an introduction?


Hi Mike!  Pleasure to meet you and I do get the same reaction from the Mrs when going into stores or and starting conversations with a hello.  If you ever have any questions about USAA down the road, please don't hesitate to reach back out to us via USAA Community or through any of USAA's social channels.  ~Marco


Hi Mike! ( @Mike Mymi Sloan )

I want to join Marco in welcoming you to the USAA Community! I hope you find a connection or get to know another USAA Member in this space. Looking forward to more posts from you and wIshing you a great day!

My wife is like that.  Everywhere we go she strikes up conversations with people.  She will talk to them as if she has known them for years.   I am pretty social for the most part but when I go places I usually am "Stick to the mission.  Get in. Get out. Escape and Evade".     LOL  

Hi @CourtoJester 


Thanks for adding to the conversation! I laughed at "Escape and Evade"!  My husband always expects us to stay longer than I initially anticipate any where we go- "you will get sucked into conversation and we will never leave". Can't say he is wrong! 


Glad to see your post, and look forward to more conversation from you here in community! (Stay a while! No need to get in and get out quickly here!) :)