I don't chose to live in FL where to higher risks of hurricanes and other natural disasters RATES must n
Be higher to offset higher risks and claims .so I feel USaa is being fair raising rates for higher risk home owners like you. That extra risk,being very fair asks only FL homeowners pay higher prem due yo proven higher claim costs. Goof luck and mayGod keep u safe


I can not fault your comment about living in Florida and the higher risk for hurricanes however, I do not live along the coast, am residing 48 feet above sea level, and insure a very, very modest home (1100 SQF).  After a solid decade of rate increases, I think anyone would be tired of shelling out more money every year.  When is USAA going to be satisfied?  Obviously the insurers believe their acturial tables were wrong after the 2004/2005 hurricane season but, does that mean after a solid decade that the actuarial tables are correct now?  You are right - I choose to live in Florida but probably for the same reason you choose to live in Detroit.  My family is here.  I'm sure that if you experienced the same incessant rate increases living in Detroit, that many Florida homeowners have experienced, you too would be a bit concerned.  Many of us are having to face the decision of selling our homes because insurance rates are reaching a level that are economically unrealistic for the average home owner.  USAA is not the military and I believe that we have the right to question what they are doing as a company.  They have used the monies we have paid into the company over the years for new campuses, increased salaries I'm sure, and all the other things that go with running a business.  All I 'm saying is that this company is supposed to be different.  Offering credit cards, banking and investment services along with the original insurance portion sounds like a business that grew just to grow.  Why does USAA spend so much money (advertising, employees, benefits for those employees) on other than the basic insurance business?  Is that really necessary?  USAA needs to get back to the basics and do those things well.  From the sound of several other recent comments, I'm not the only USAA member questioning the company's policies.  And I've been an owner/member for 36 years.  That's what we seem to forget:  WE ARE THE OWNERS OF THIS COMPANY.