Lots of help getting started with great customer service.

I just became a member this past month and applied for a new car auto loan/insurance. I'm a first time buyer so I had a pretty steep learning curve for understanding what needed done to buy and insure this vehicle. I touched base with a few other places and USAA undercut them all on rates. Everyone I asked said the USAA customer service is outstanding and they are trustworthy, so I decided to go forward with the financing process. It was complicated since I didn't have a credit history and had almost no foundation for understanding how it all worked, but EVERY representative I spoke with on the phone (and I called several, several times for clarity and with probably too many questions) was courteous, knowledgable and more than willing to entertain anything and everything I could think of to ask. When I had some confusion navigating my personal accounts/profile page, they helped walk me through everything and gave me great visibility on what I wanted to know. And what the one rep didn't know offhand, she placed me on hold and was back maybe 20 seconds later with the answer.


I have never heard anything but good things about USAA from people I know and although it's early on, my experience has been unbelievably great. I was surprised to see so many poor reviews on the general customer service- people reporting representatives just hanging up? Yet to be seen but I'd be truly disappointed if that became my experience.