Lost the Marriage but Kept USAA

I was one of those who married into USAA. HE was in due to a step-mother, so my eligibility to become a member at USAA was really a surprise. I lost the marriage year later and when I called USAA to get a copy of jewelry riders, appraisals, and policies I was asked why I was leaving. I explained that I was no longer married to the original member. USAA was great and immediately said that was no problem at all. They kept me, they got my checking and savings, my new homeowners and continued auto coverage. I knew when I moved to Hawaii THEY would be able to handle any issues and apprise me of tidbits I didn't know because they handle military moves all the time. I'm thrilled with USAA. I've not shopped coverage because even if I might be paying more, the relationship and customer service more than make up any difference. THANK YOU USAA!
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