My wife recently had to under go major operation which required her to go on disability. She submitted her disability checks via the mobile app and received confirmation that the check had been successfully deposited. Now several months later USAA is saying they could not read the check numbers and have deducted the funds from her account. Several times they have done this with no prior notice.

I would strongly recommend against using USAA mobile check deposit system.

I have been a life long USAA insurance customer and switched over to their banking and based upon my wife's experience and she her have to struggle to get the issue resolve and the stress it has involved I have begun to regret switching. Needless to say the customer service has been less than helpful and my wife has had to request replacement checks because USAA has no means of tracking the checks or produce copies of what was submitted.


So very stressfull! This is not good. I head your warning and wish you good health.
How unfortunate!!!!! I use that service all the time and have not had a problems. I've had my checking account just over 25 years without this kind of problem. Out of curiosity I would love to know more details to avoid this happening to me. Did she use her phone or an iPad type of advise? Mobile deposit is my only option next to USPS. I make several deposits every month. I hope I will not run into a problem like this! Please share more details.
It's very unfortunate that your wide has that experience. What I have found to be helpful is, when I do mobile deposit I write the confirmation transaction number on my check and then printout or save (to your device) the capture of the deposit check. This way you have proof that you can fax or mail to USAA.

I am curious if USAA will respond to this?  I use mobile check deposit all the time too.  I don't want this to happen to me.   I am truly sorry you had to go through this!

I'm so sorry to hear of your situation and would like to get you in touch with someone who can help. Please send a few additional details using this link and we'll contact you soon. 

^^^^ Somebody is phishing here. Don't put your info in using that link....