After 20 years with USAA, this is my first written complaint.  I can't say the relationship has been perfect, but I have been very satisfied until today.


I misplaced my ATM/Debit card four weeks ago. As soon as I realized it was missing, I immediately called USAA to cancel the card.  They told me that instead of canceling, I could put a hold on it and after 7 days if I had not called back to tell them that I found it, they would automatically send me a new one.  Two weeks later after I had not received a new one, I called again, to be told that for some reason a new card had not been sent out and that they will expedite a new one at no cost to me. That was over a week ago.  Today, I called again to get the status, where the automated status said a new card had been sent out. Not satisfied with the automated response, I asked for a representative, whom told me that the card that was ordered has to be cancelled and a new replacement card, with a new number will be ordered today, and again expedited at no additional cost to me.


You would think an ATM/Debit card is no big deal.  But try to get by without one.


I think I will stick with the insurance, but will consider a new banking option.






Well you lost the card once, perhaps the second was lost in the mail.  It seems like cancelling the replacement card and sending another replacement was the wise thing to do. 


I've damaged a card and had a new one sent by FedEx the next day.   You opted to look for a while, we all make choices. 


I'm not sure where this is USAA's fault.